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Why Choose Permanent Hair Removal?

Choosing a method of Permanent Hair removal depends on how much hair you want to remove and where on the body the hair is growing. Laser and Electrolysis are frequently chosen for areas of very sensitive skin and for areas that are frequently visible to others. Understandably, faces, legs and backs are the most popular areas chosen for permanent hair removal.

More intimate areas, though, are chosen, too. Women and men both choose to remove excess pubic hair that grows too high up their bellies or around their belly buttons. It's sort of a separation of church and state thing: Hair is good. Hair everywhere is not so good. It's also generally agreed that the so-called “treasure trail” look only works on certain, decidedly male, torsos. This also relates to how people wear their clothes. People who expose more skin (Speedo vs. grampa shorts) usually choose

Above the belly button, some women are bothered by individual hairs that grow near their nipples and prefer to have them permanently removed rather than suffer through plucking throughout each hair's growth cycle. And men frequently choose to permanently lose the “mono-brow” between their eyes, rather than suffer plucking beard-quality hairs from their foreheads every couple of weeks. Several private appointments at a hair removal clinic assures that the tough brow hair follicles will eventually die, leaving the space between the individual eyebrows clear and smooth, looking manly and not Neolithic.