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Who Uses Permanent Hair Removal

Honestly, everyone removes hair from their bodies at some point. Some people get tired of plucking or of asking a partner to pluck or shave hard to reach areas and opt for permanent hair removal. Young men and women choose permanent hair removal because it fits their clothing choices and lifestyle. Older men and women choose it because they find themselves growing hair where once no hair ever grew.

Men frequently choose to permanently lose the "mono-brow" between their eyes, rather than suffer plucking beard-thick hairs from their foreheads every couple of weeks. Several private appointments at a hair removal clinic assures that the tough brow hair follicles will eventually die, leaving the space between the individual eyebrows clear and smooth. Aging increases hair growth in many men who didn't originally have hair on their backs, shoulders or ear lobes. With our entire culture opting for a more smooth-skinned look, men frequently choose to have the hair on their backs and shoulders either removed entirely or permanently thinned out, as well as around their ears and eyebrows.

Equally popular for women is the removal of randomly located, individual darker-than-the-rest hairs that often grow around the chin or lip. Plucking removes them temporarily, but for the many women who have just one or two dark hairs that continue to grow on their faces, choosing a long-term or permanent hair removal treatment beats having to always remember to check and pluck those pesky dark hairs.

Those dark hairs, it turns out, react much better to laser treatments than lighter hair does. The type of skin and hair you have makes a huge difference in how painless and how permanent the hair removal actually is. Dark skin burns during laser treatment. Light hair doesn't absorb enough light and heat during laser treatment. Laser hair removal works best on dark hair in lighter skin because the laser's light and heat are absorbed by the darker objects in a given area. Electrolysis works on any kind of hair and skin color and targets individual hair follicles, whereas laser hair removal targets a patch of skin and the hair within it.