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Comparison to Non-Permanent Techniques

The cost and effectiveness of permanent hair removal varies based on several factors: your geographical location, your hair and skin type, the amount of hair to be removed, the pricing system you choose, and your budget.

Laser hair removal on a face can cost anywhere from $250 - $650 for a single session. Multiply that by, say, 8 sessions in a year, and that's $2000 - $5200. Looking at it from a long-term perspective, the cost of laser compares to waxing like this: facial waxing costs about $50 for all commonly waxed areas (brows, forehead, lips, chin, neck). So, $50 multiplied by 8 sessions in a year costs $400. BUT, that's $400 every year for as long as you elect to wax that area.

The type of hair you have and the shade of your skin can dramatically determine the effectiveness of laser hair removal. The Laser technique works best on dark hair in light skin because it requires the hair color to absorb the light and heat of the laser. Darker colors absorb the heat most effectively. That's good for dark hair on light skin, but is unfortunately not a good choice for dark hair on dark skin because the darker skin tone also absorbs the heat from the laser and can be burned quite badly. Light hair in light or dark skin is also not a good choice for laser hair removal as the hair cannot absorb enough of the laser light and heat to kill the hair. Electrolysis is the better choice if your skin is sensitive to the laser light or if your hair is too light for the laser to be effective.