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How Much Does Hair Removal Cost

The cost of permanent hair removal varies based on several factors: your geographical location, your hair and skin type, the amount of hair to be removed, the pricing system you choose, and your budget. In an urban area, with more sunshine than rain, permanent hair removal services abound and must compete with one another for clientele. This means better prices and even sometimes allows for a little haggling. It's possible to find affordable skin care packages in situations where there are several salons or clinics in the same area. Laser and electrolysis charge by the MINUTE, and each hair takes roughly the same amount of time for the technician or clinician to remove. So, removing more hair equals spending more money. But, keep in mind that if you are in a location where there are lots of celebrities, the costs can be skewed upward in a different kind of competition for clientele.

There are three common ways that Laser and electrolysis clinics charge for hair removal:

  1. Flat Fee: a good choice if you have a large amount of hair to remove and expect to undergo many treatments over a long period of time);
  2. Time: a good choice if you have very little hair to remove and expect 15-minute increments to be enough time to treat that area of skin;
  3. Fee Per Pulse: an option for Laser hair removal only. A “pulse” is a roughly one second burst of laser light and can remove about one hundred hairs in an area of skin ranging from the size of a dime to the size of a quarter. This pricing system almost always requires a minimum fee before charging per pulse.

Also, the results you get will vary with where in the growth cycle each individual hair is. If you zap a follicle during the anagen, or growth stage, then you are more likely to kill the follicle than if you zapped it during a catagen (regression) or telogen (quiescent) phase.

So, place yourself in an urban, suburban or rural location and your costs for hair removal will vary greatly. Comparison shopping is required no matter where you live. Laser hair removal on a face can cost anywhere from $250 - $650 for a single session. Multiply that by, say, 8 sessions in a year, and that's $2000 - $5200. But let's look at it from a long-term perspective. Facial waxing costs about $50 for all commonly waxed areas (brows, forehead, lips, chin, neck). So, $50 multiplied by 8 sessions in a year costs $400. BUT, that's $400 every year for as long as you elect to wax that area. That's not even two sessions of laser hair removal, which will end up with significant, long-term hair loss and doesn't require that you do it forever.